IMG_3063At 110 Party Supply of Melville Long Island, we know there is hardly a celebration that is complete without balloons. A balloon will put a smile on the face of children and grownups alike!

As your premier place for party supplies on Long Island, we offer the best balloons and balloon arrangements around.  Our balloons last longer than most and the variety we carry is unsurpassed. 110 Party Supply has over 200 different designs of foil balloons and a large selection of solid latex balloons.  It is because of these latex balloons, that our balloons stay inflated longer! We also offer to bag the balloons at no extra charge and deliver balloons and balloon arrangements.  We take care of our customers.

Balloons can be used in so many ways and as your top-rated Long Island supplier of party

goods we take pride in being able to offer our customers some specialty balloon items such as:

-Ballroom Bouquets = in a variety of sizes, colors and mixtures of balloon types
-Arches = started at the store, and then assembled at your venue.
-Columns =we deliver these pre-made, and place them where you have requested
-Unique Balloon Centerpieces = we can create various designs and sizes
-Custom Balloon Designs= we have some on site, however if you have a particular 
design in mind, bring us a picture and see what we can do!

We also rent helium tanks if you will be filling the balloons on site and for those of our customers who might be selling them at a special event, fair, or fundraiser.

We invite you to come down, or give us a call with questions. 


Balloon Centerpieces

Arches, Columns & Sculptures

Centerpieces and Custom Balloon Weights