110 Party Supply loves to make people smile. Well, one thing we know does that, is balloons. Balloons are colorful, whimsical, and can say almost anything you would like to say to someone. We carry a full line of both foil and latex balloons. Besides selling them individually, we make beautiful bouquets. We have both Gift Bouquets and Party Bouquets. All balloon bouquets are made to order.

A balloon bouquet is a great alternative to the usual floral bouquets. They require no special care and usually last longer than fresh flowers.

A Gift Bouquet will consist of a foil balloon surrounded by our colorful latex balloons. We also carry some adorable small stuffed animals, and many folks like to add them to the Gift Bouquets.

The foil balloons come with many greetings such as: Congratulations, Happy Retirement, Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon, to name a few. We even have them for Christenings, Communions and Weddings.

Any Gift Bouquet of $50.00 or more can be delivered.  We deliver gift balloons to commercial or residential locations. Additional delivery fees apply and are calculated by the location of the delivery. 

Our Party Bouquets are similar to the Gift Bouquets, but are usually specifically made for use at a party.  They start with our basic bouquet of  $7.99. These have 3 latex balloons arranged properly and include a standard foil weight on the bottom to keep them on a table.  If multiple Party Bouquets are bought and are going to the same place, we will deliver.

Please visit our store and let your imagination run wild. Call us anytime with questions and remember our Gift and Party Bouquets when it is time to celebrate those special times in your life.

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